The Property Industry Alliance (PIA) was formed in May 2006 with a remit to facilitate closer working between the leading representative bodies in the commercial property industry.

Its Chairman is Bill Hughes, Head of Real Assets, Legal & General Investment Management.

The PIA membership comprises:

The very successful cross-industry campaign that led to the establishment of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) showed how effective the industry could be when its constituent bodies work closely together. The formation of the PIA was an attempt to build on this and other successful collaborative experiences by establishing a more formal mechanism for dialogue and co-operation between leading industry bodies. A key objective has been to avoid the duplication of effort and the attendant waste of resources that might otherwise take place.

Terms of reference

The PIA’s terms of reference are:

  • To promote co-ordination between member bodies in areas where this would bring some added value.
  • To work together to promote a coherent, accurate and well founded view of the UK’s property industry to all stakeholders and to ensure that the contribution of property to the economy, to society and to individual citizens is fully understood.
  • To consult between existing members on Government proposal and initiatives and to co-ordinate responses where possible.
  • To encourage efficiency and minimise duplication in service provision between existing members.
  • To encourage best practice.
  • To achieve greater coordination in setting research agendas, to collaborate on research projects where there is mutual benefit and to ensure better dissemination of research findings.


The PIA has a Board which comprises the Chairman of the PIA and two representatives from each of the member bodies. Board representation by member bodies is usually at President / Chairman and Chief Executive level. Meetings of the Board are held once a year in the Spring.

Chief Executives also meet a minimum of four times a year to discuss other matters of mutual interest.

Amanda Keane provides secretariat support for the Alliance but much the activity carried out under the PIA banner is undertaken directly by the secretariats of member bodies. For more information please contact Amanda Keane at amanda.harriskeane@gmail.com.