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Latest news: Press release Tuesday 7 November 2017

UK property industry launches quarterly metric to warn lenders and regulators when price rises should signal lending curbs

  • By understanding how overvalued property is relative to trend, banks and regulators can act to cut exposures
  • Aim is to cut lending risks at market peak by providing early warning system. Current values 10pc above norm
  • Adoption of metric by lenders and regulator will reduce risk to the UK financial system, say experts

Property chiefs have launched a new metric to sound an early warning for lenders and regulators when commercial real estate (CRE) values lurch too far above long-term norms.

The adjusted market value (AMV) metric – one of three that was proposed – is effectively a percentage determination of how overvalued UK commercial property is. It has looked back over previous cycles, crunching data to work out how far values could go before a market crash becomes almost inevitable.

The move follows a series of research papers and is designed to allow regulators to rein in lending when the market gets too frothy – while helping banks better understand the risks they take at various points in the property cycle.

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