The PIA has a number of workstreams, each of which is guided by a committee that reports to the PIA Board.

Membership of these committees is extended to non-PIA member bodies where this is considered beneficial. For instance, the Green Property Alliance now also includes the UK Green Building Council, the British Retail Consortium and the Better Building Partnership.

Research Committee

Chair: Alex Moss

The Research Committee seeks to minimise duplication and overlap in research programmes through the sharing of information between the industry’s representative bodies. Greater information sharing also enables synergies and opportunities for joint working to be identified. The committee also has a remit to encourage the sharing and dissemination of research results both within and outside the industry. Members of the committee also include INREV, EPRA, UKAA and SPR

The committee contributes to the SPR’s Quarterly Research Summary which includes details of the research activities of all PIA members.

Green Property Alliance

Chair: Miles Keeping

The Green Property Alliance (GPA) seeks to improve the coherence and performance of the commercial property industry in matters relating to sustainability – particularly energy efficiency and carbon reduction. It provides the primary framework for member bodies to share information about their sustainability projects and, where possible, to achieve collective buy-in to their implementation. This helps to avoid duplication and facilitates the commissioning of specific projects where gaps in knowledge are identified. The GPA also presents, where possible, a united front in negotiations with Government and other agencies on those issues relating to sustainability.

Members also include the UK Green Building Council, the British Retail Consortium and the Better Building Partnership.

Property Debt Group

Joint Chairs: John Gellatly and Phil Clark

The PIA Debt Group was originally established against the background of the recession and banking crisis with serious implications for property, and recently been reconstituted and re-launched. Its primary mission is to provide a forum for discussion about, and to take forward implementation of, recommendations developed by the independent Real Estate Finance Group (see A Vision for Real Estate Finance in the UK, May 2014).

MHCLG Commercial Property Forum

The MHCLG Commercial Property Forum meets between twice and four times a year and is an opportunity for industry specialists from the PIA bodies to discuss topical issues with Government representatives. The PIA members are responsible for setting the agenda in consultation with the MHCLG.